Epic Holiday Party Slots

Parties are common around the festive season and toward the end of the year, as everyone looks forward to approaching a New Year. In the Epic Holiday Party slot game, we do get an epic approach, as the creators have combined Christmas with the New Year celebrations happening a week later.

Get ready to see how this mix of themes pans out in our review, as we explore all the elements that appear in the game.

Developer info if you want to know who created it

The creator is an important factor as it can suggest how good the game could be. In this case, we can see it was developed by Realtime Gaming.

Demo access is available

That means you can play without spending any money on the slot. It also means there are no real prizes, but at least you can get a feel for the game before you do anything else.

A Christmas and New Year theme

You knew that was the focus for this game, and it has been proven here for you. It's a good one too, never focusing too heavily on one aspect over the other.

Is this a more unusual design from RTG?

It is in some ways, yes. There are characters to the left of the reels that indicate which bet level you wish to use. Those are connected to another feature on the right of the reels, which we'll highlight shortly.

Reels, jackpots, and more in Epic Holiday Party

This game is epic in several ways. The usual five-reel, three-row game screen is present here, but the feature we mentioned to the right of the reels shows four progressive jackpots.

You can see two wilds in this game, too. The standard one is shaped like a bag filled with gold, turning up on reels two, three, and four. This cannot replace the second wild or the scatter.

The second wild is the snow globe, and this has a multiplying feature connected to it. You'll only ever see this on reel three, though. The scatter is the Christmas tree.

They have replaced paylines with way wins

And with a 5 x 3 format in play, that equals 243 ways.

Different betting levels to choose from

The basic level has no access to any of those jackpots. The cheapest wager is available as eight cents at this level. Beyond that, you need to choose one of the four characters, each of whom connects to a jackpot. The bottom one connects to the smallest jackpot, and so on up to the guy in the Santa hat.

If you decide to play with a chance of netting any of those four jackpots, the minimum bet is much higher at 88 cents. This is before we even consider the top wagers for each level.

We suggest checking out the demo game and figuring out how the different levels work and how you might wager more at one level than another. You can then use this knowledge to work out how your budget might fit with the game and how much you would be willing to play with.

Paytable info for Epic Holiday Party

This explains how the game works, which symbols are worth which amounts at each of the bet levels and covers all the special elements involved too.

Bonus features

No epic bonuses here, unfortunately.

Free spins underneath the tree

You would expect to find presents nestled underneath a Christmas tree. You get just that here too, except in this case they are all shaped like free spins. Three trees bring you 12 free games here. You can play through those and look for both those wild symbols too, as they can help you toward a few prizes if you are fortunate.

What is the RTP value?

We have no idea, but that is typically true of all games from RTG.

Our rating: Does the Epic Holiday Party slot meet with expectations?

There is nothing worse than looking forward to a party that feels like a letdown when you get there. Fortunately, that's not the case here. The only twist is that you must bet more to open the path to those jackpots. We know that other games from RTG don't do this, so if you don't like the feature, you can always find something else to play. It does dip the score for us though, bringing this party in at 7.5/10 rather than hitting something higher.

Winners in the Epic Holiday Party game

This game may produce jackpot winners more often than others, since it has four jackpot amounts available. We guess it depends how many players decide to play for real for those pots though.

Playing for entertainment

You could certainly do this and never put your hand in your pocket to play. It is also the perfect way to see whether you'd like to attend the real version of this party slot game.

Play for real to celebrate the festive season

You shouldn't expect to receive any of those jackpots, of course, although it would be lovely if you could get one. The game is great to play just as a regular non-jackpot slot at eight cents per spin though.

Attend the party on Android or iOS

Both platforms welcome the Epic Holiday Party slot game, with a chance to enjoy and appreciate the title on a touchscreen device like a tablet or iPhone or something similar.