Fortunate Zeus Slots

Will you feel fortunate that you found this review of the Fortunate Zeus slot game? We hope so, especially as it qualifies as a progressive jackpot slot. There are five prizes to the side of the reels, but let's see what else you might find during play.

How many reels and paylines are in this game?

The game provides you with five reels and 50 lines, so there is plenty to get to grips with.

Betting options for the slot game

The important element here is to know that the game provides you with a single bet per spin. This covers all the lines, so you just need to pick one that suits.

Special icons in Fortunate Zeus slots

A hand holding a lightning bolt appears as the wild on all reels apart from the first. This does not replace the scattered logo. It won't replace the lightning orb either (that's blue).

Fortunate Zeus bonuses

Find at least six lightning orbs to fix them in place for an independent reel spin of everything else. The idea is to find another orb, in which case you get another spin. If nothing new appears on a respin, you get prizes totaling the number of orbs found. The Super Grand Jackpot appearing to the side of the reels is paid for filling all positions with orbs. While other slots with similar features have three respins, this game only provides one at a time, so you need to earn more by finding those orbs.

You can also net six free games if you find three scatters. Another three games arrive for each set of three scatters found during those spins. These play out much the same as the base game spins.

Check out Fortunate Zeus on computer or mobile today

Yes, you can play this game on iOS or Android if you prefer - and we'd recommend the mobile experience. It's a great game based around Zeus and Greek mythology, so you can count on a trusted theme to thread its way through the slot game. With RTG in action behind the scenes as the creators, you can bet there is plenty to appreciate as you play this game. Will you try it today?