Jazz Time Slots

Do you love music; different kinds of music? My favorite jazz singer of all time is the great Ella Fitzgerald. And so we introduce Jazz Time Slots, an older slot game but nonetheless a lucrative one. I particularly love the music played in this game and, therefore, I invite you to join me to play Jazz Time Slots at Sun Palace Casino.

About the Game

Jazz Time is a 5-reel, 9-payline bonus video slot. Although it doesn't have a jackpot, it will pay out a huge 10,000xs line multiplier. The max coin value is $5, and the max bet is $45. We once again recommend you read the pay table so that you can ascertain the value of the symbols and read about the bonus round. There are no free spins or wilds, but there are two bonus rounds and four scatter symbols. Are you ready to whoop it up?

Playing the Game

As I mentioned, there are four scatter symbols in this game. They are: the Microphone, Guitar, Snare Drum, and the Piano. When you get all five Microphone symbols, you will win 10,000 coins. The Guitar will provide you with fabulous animations. The Snare Drum, (along with two of its symbols) will award you a huge bonus. When three Pianos appear, you will trigger the Jazz Feature.

Bonus Round 1

When the Snare Drum, Hit Hat, and Drumsticks all appear, you will receive a reward.

Bonus Round 2

When you get three Pianos, the Jazz Feature will commence. Four instruments will be shown and you will be asked to choose one, then another in order to create a tune. Each time you select an instrument, you will be rewarded.


I love music - all kinds of music. My forte is the Piano, so this slot game, although a bit old, suits me just fine. I highly recommend you play this game and listen to the music, music, music.