Operation M.Y.O.W Slots

You won’t guess too much from this title unless you try to say that word instead of pronouncing the letters. Does it sound a little like ‘miaow’, as a cat would say? If it does, that gives you the biggest clue to the theme in play here.

RTG has delivered a fun game with the main character as a superhero, or should we say supercat? Read on to learn more.

Reels and win lines available

This game only has three reels, so you will find nothing other than one payline in action for the slot.

Betting options in play

While you cannot bet as low as a cent on the payline, we’re sure you can manage the five-cent minimum in play here. There are bigger coins to try too, and you can also choose to wager up to three coins when you make each bet.

Operation M.Y.O.W. special icons

One of the perks of this game is the existence of several paytables. You can choose whichever one you want, and that changes the appearance of the cat you might spot on the reels, not to mention other symbols, too.

The other difference here is that the prizes vary with each paytable. As you move through them, you will notice the prizes get bigger. So, why not play for the biggest prizes? Well, while you bet the same with each variation, the odds of winning will change. Smaller prizes means bigger chances to win, whereas the big prizes are harder to win, just as you would expect.

Finally, you won’t see any wild icons or scatters in play, so the choice of paytables and games is the main feature to consider when playing this slot.

Operation M.Y.O.W. bonus features

There are none – the game works according to the parameters mentioned above.

See if you can win big prizes by downloading and playing Operation M.Y.O.W. slots today!

We haven’t seen another slot quite like this one, ever. We thought there could be other variants after this was released, but if there are, we have yet to find them. Check out Operation M.Y.O.W. today, and check out the freedom you have to choose the kinds of prizes you might be in for.

Just remember, the odds change too, so choose your favored cat wisely! No one wants to lose out on some excellent and valuable prizes, do they?