Pulsar Slots

We may have given away the theme for this slot, don’t you think? If you haven’t got it yet, the Pulsar title certainly has a futuristic sound to it. We’ll reveal that we think this is a more unusual type of game, too. So, if you are looking for something set apart from the norm, sit tight and read through everything we have for you on the Pulsar slot game. Get ready for one surprising and pleasing feature…

Who came up with the Pulsar slot game?

This is one of many unusual games to come out of the Realtime Gaming stable of slots.

This means you can always try the Pulsar demo game

And what better way could there be to find out whether you like it or not?

Access to the Pulsar theme

Stars, deep space, and perhaps a planet or two… yes, if you hadn’t already worked out the theme from our huge clues, we can confirm the outer space theme here.

Everything is in 2D

And you may not even notice as the game looks superb from every angle. It has a futuristic feel that works well with the space setting, too. Expect lots of stars, although you’ll be focused on those reels, no doubt.

How to start playing the Pulsar slot game

The game uses the typical five-reel format, but it delivers the three icons per reel as hexagonal shapes. This means each reel is staggered above or below the one next to it. It is a nice touch, though. You won’t find any jackpots displayed around those reels.

It might surprise you to realize there are no wild symbols or scatters involved in the Pulsar game. One thing you do need to look for is a Neutron Star. We will explain how they work later.

We should mention that the game has cascading wins on successful spins. You have probably seen these before, where winning symbols are taken out of play and substituted with the ones from above. Other symbols are then dropped into the vacated positions on top of the reels. This supplies another chance to get one or more prizes, and if that should happen, the cascading wins feature occurs again. This repeats until a losing set of symbols is discovered.

Paylines are fixed here

Twenty lines are spread over the hexagonal symbols on the five reels. They are fixed in this game, so make sure you are ready to play all of them.

What about your betting options?

Even though you need to cover all the lines, RTG has kept the lowest bet as cheap as possible. While there are higher wagers, you may not want to go beyond the smallest one to cover all those lines.

Does the game have a useful paytable?

It does, yes, and we think the table works well here. The best part of it is where RTG goes into detail about those Neutron Stars…

The Neutron Stars reveal the bonus

The star occurs in four kinds. You only need one of them to appear to trigger its role in the game.

The paytable shows four stars, each of a different color. The color connects to a pattern exhibited by the relevant star as it explodes. This may not happen immediately though. The star has a number on it, showing one, two, or three remaining spins to go before it explodes.

When this happens, the symbols in the path of the pattern for that star are blown up. All vacated spots are filled with an identical symbol. This could potentially reveal a prize or two.

What about some free spins?

None of those are supplied in this game.

The RTP doesn’t appear anywhere either

Common enough when you’re playing an RTG slot, but still frustrating when you’d prefer to know how it pans out.

Our rating for Pulsar slots

Does our rating shoot into the stratosphere when playing this game? Not quite, although we soon forgot about the lack of wilds and scatters once those Neutron Stars started appearing. For that reason alone, and the fact the game does feel different, we’re giving this one eight out of 10.

Paytable prizes hold some potential here

This looks to sit at the lower volatility end of the scale, especially since the biggest prize is 150x your bet. This is far lower than many other games offering huge prizes connected to various symbols.

Play Pulsar just in demo mode to start with

The best way to work out how those Neutron Stars can change your gameplay is to play the demo. It is available across all platforms.

Check your wager before playing for real

You can play with all kinds of wagers here, so if you are interested in picking up some real prizes, you can try doing so with access to the real slot.

Head into space on your mobile device too

Android and iOS devices are fine to use if you would rather play Pulsar without sitting at your computer.