Every Player Wants to Win a Small Fortune!

Wouldn’t it be great to win a small fortune while playing a slot game? It’s what we all want, and this particular slot uses that very title to drum up some interest. The theme itself is actually related to picnics. This might seem a little odd, but when you learn there are two jackpots in addition to the game’s main prizes, you will want to learn more.

Let’s start with reels and paylines

You can bet on as many as 25 lines with this game, and they are spread out over five reels.

Which coin values are included in the game?

The coin values will be familiar to you if you have tried other RTG games, as they range from one cent to five dollars. This means you have a wide range of bets to place on all the lines.

Does Small Fortune have any special symbols to look out for?

Yes, there are two substitutes, both of which are ants. They can appear on the first and fifth reels and are grouped, too. The scatter symbol here is the girl, who is clearly trying to enjoy her picnic without being bothered by too many of those pesky ants.

Can you enjoy playing a bonus round?

The bonus here is that you might get to play some free spins. You need to get a minimum of one ant on the first and fifth reels at the same time, along with a picnic basket on one of the other three reels. You get five free spins for the first picnic basket, but if you get more than one, each additional basket wins you another five free spins. You will also get a multiplier for the free spins. This is calculated according to the total number of ants that appeared when the free spins round was triggered.

Download and play Small Fortune slots today!

Small Fortune really could turn up a small fortune for you if you manage to get either the minor or major jackpot during gameplay. Of course, you do also get some nice symbols on the reels that could win you a prize or two as well. Look out for cheese plates, drinks, pies and sandwiches among other things.

All in all, this game provides you with a really tasty treat to enjoy. Even if you don’t win a small fortune, you could end up winning some great prizes along the way.