Super 6 Slots

Super 6 – even the title makes you wonder what is in store here, and you might guess correctly that it involves an extra reel, beefing things up to six in total.

Look forward to playing the game with six reels and a whole host of features in this Oriental-styled slot that has a lot to enjoy. Will you get lucky and line up the right combinations of symbols to win big prizes here?

Let’s start with reels and paylines

We already know we can play with six reels in this game. However, we also have a chance to win in one of 729 ways! That means there are no paylines as such, only various ways you can win prizes with each spin.

Which coin values are included in the game?

There are some nice bet amounts included, giving you options between three cents per spin all the way up to a much bigger $30 on each spin.

Does Super 6 have any special symbols to look out for?

Six scatters are in play in this game. These can make up the word SUPER6 spelt out across the six reels. If you can get four or more of these, you will unlock the bonus game. The emperor, meanwhile, is the wild symbol.

Can you enjoy playing a bonus round?

Yes, you can. This is in the shape of those free spins we mentioned earlier. These are awarded depending on how many scatters you get. Four will win you eight free spins. Meanwhile, five will get you up to 12 free games, and if you manage to get all six, you will be rewarded with as many as 25 free spins.

You can also get grouped wilds during the free spins. The exact nature of these depends on how many spins you get and which letters trigger them. However, it is possible to enjoy grouped wilds on more than one reel when you play the free spins. As you can imagine, this has the potential to unlock plenty of sensational wins in just a few short spins.

Download and play Super 6 slots today!

This game from Real Time Gaming is one of their newer offerings. You can really enjoy playing the games they have to offer, but we think this one is a stand-out hit. The addition of that extra reel really makes a huge difference! Do you agree?