Triple 7 Inferno Slots

Lots of slots use 'triple' in their titles, so how does that word apply to a Triple 7 Inferno ? It sounds fiery enough, but will it be fiery and fun or will it turn out to be a damp squib?

Real Time Gaming has come up with this one, and there are some notable things to mention about it. So, let's get right to it and see what is in store for us here.

Reels and win lines available

This is a basic format, with three reels to get spinning with and only the one payline.

Betting options in play

You can start wagering on the payline from as little as five cents per coin. We say 'per coin' because you can use up to three for each spin. The biggest coin you could use is a five-dollar one.

Triple 7 Inferno special icons

Now, this section could be smaller than you'd imagine. While many three-reel games still have a wild icon in play, this is not one of them. It won't be a surprise to find no scatter, since there are only a few positions you can get icons on anyway.

With that said, you can win a prize if you spin three blanks into the three positions on the reels. That's the lowest prize you could get, with the biggest reserved for the fiery symbol in action. Mind you, the prizes associated with this icon are only paid to players who bet two or three coins on the payline. That's why we would recommend you use a lower-value coin and stick with the three-coin bet if you can.

Triple 7 Inferno bonus features

There are none of these in play, as you may already have guessed.

See if you can win big prizes by downloading and playing Triple 7 Inferno slots today!

Real Time Gaming has created a no-frills game here that is going to appeal to a specific core of gamers. Not everyone enjoys the basic three-reel slot games, so if you aren't keen, you may not find too much here to persuade you to play.

With that said, it's a good one to pass the time with if you want to try something different. And since it's an RTG game, it has great values and is of good quality. So, perhaps that will be enough to tempt you to enjoy the experience.