Aztec's Treasure Feature Guarantee Slots

If you like to play RTG slots, you may already have tried Aztec’s Treasure . That isn’t actually the game we are reviewing here. We are focusing on the new improved version, which is called Aztec’s Treasure Feature Guarantee . Don’t mix the two up, as this one really is quite amazing!

Let’s start with reels and paylines

There are 25 lines in action here, along with five reels, so this much is pretty ordinary.

Which coin values are included in the game?

You have a huge array of coins to choose from when deciding on your bets. They go from one cent on each line you play, all the way up to $5.

Does Aztec’s Treasure Feature Guarantee have any special symbols to look out for?

Yes, the Aztec King will be a nice symbol to have around, as he is the wild in this version of the game. The idol is worth having around on the reels as well, as this is the scatter.

Can you enjoy playing a bonus round?

So… we have yet to cover the important question, which relates to the Feature Guarantee part of the game. What does this mean? Well, it basically means you are guaranteed to get the free games feature by the time you have played 150 spins. This doesn’t mean you have to play that number of spins to get it – it just means you will trigger it at that point if you haven’t already done so.

In this game, the feature is 5, 15 or 25 free spins – triggered by getting three, four or five idols on the reels. You will also earn a 3x multiplier for these spins, regardless of how many you actually get. You can also win between one and 25 additional spins to enjoy if you get between one and five extra idols appearing in your initial batch of free spins. Whew!

Download and play Aztec’s Treasure Feature Guarantee slots today!

We rather like the Feature Guarantee aspect of this version of Aztec’s Treasure. You can also see how close you are to the free spins if you haven’t triggered them yet. Look for the bar in the top right, which tells you how many spins you have to go to reach it (at most). You might also enjoy seeing some great prizes before you get there, of course, so make the most of these spins now.