Giant Fortunes Slots

We find ourselves in a charming village in the middle of a valley - the ideal place for a giant to make his home, you might think. And so begins the Giant Fortunes slot, where we hope to find just that…

Fixed paylines and five reels

Yes, that's the format in play in Giant Fortunes, a slot that offers you the chance to play a demo to see what it is all about.

How do fixed lines affect the betting options?

Using the plus and minus controls, we were able to select a 25-cent minimum wager for this game. It meant we could get four spins from every dollar. The biggest spin wager was $25.

Will you find a giant among the special game symbols?

You will, and he is of course a wild symbol. He lands on any of the middle three reels in this game. The slot also provides a gem as a mystery symbol, and this is the only one the giant cannot replace.

Bonus elements in store in Giant Fortunes

The slot converts all mystery icons appearing in a spin to the same symbol once revealed. If this creates a prize, it is paid before the game begins its next spin.

Meanwhile, if you get gems on reels two, three, and four in their entirety, you receive five free spins. Gems can only land on the center reel in these games. However, when one appears, it will change into a mystery symbol that covers all three reels. The oversized symbol then changes to reveal a regular symbol before awarding any payouts.

Will you brave the appearance of the giant in Giant Fortunes?

We guess you can see where the title comes from now in this game. Yes, there is a giant involved, but you also get the chance to see some giant symbols in action during those free games. It makes sense of why you'll only get five spins there too.

Aside from that, we think every element of the Giant Fortunes slot game is worth exploring. The demo provides a better sense of how it works, so make sure you don't miss it.