Vegas Lux Slots

Vegas Lux Slots

Is it thrilling enough for you though, we wonder? That is what we hope to find out as we navigate our way through the various sections of our Vegas Lux slot game review. Whatever questions you might think of as you learn more about this game, we're sure you'll dig up the answers here.

Vegas Lux reveals a little about the game just from the title. However, we're sure you'll still experience a few surprises once you delve deeper into the game here.

Another strong title from a popular developer

You could call several developers popular, so which one do we have in our sight here? The answer to that is Realtime Gaming. This slot is available at any of their online RTG casino brands.

You can try Vegas Lux in demo mode

This is the ideal way to start with the game too, as you can iron out any queries you might have about the way things work. It's like the real thing without the risk.

A Vegas theme is in store

But we guess you knew that from the title, right?

The design helps create the theme in detail

The backdrop gives us the Vegas setting, but everything you will see on the reels is related to Vegas too. Instead of card symbols covering the cheaper icons, we get card suits glittering on the reels. There are also other appropriate symbols like some flaming sevens, a guy in a tux that reminded us of a certain Hollywood movie star, and a showgirl.

Unusual reels are just one of the highlights in Vegas Lux

You'll get a surprise when you load the game before you even begin to play. That's because the game has a diamond-shaped reel set, offering 3-4-5-4-3 instead of just three symbols per reel. This gives you way more symbols appearing per spin and a lot more to look for.

The game doesn't come with jackpots, but it does have a wild. RTG has used the word itself to show this, although it does make us think of the famous Vegas welcome sign. It doesn't appear across all five reels, instead restricting those appearances to the middle set of three. It can come stacked though.

Another symbol that can appear over multiple spots on any reel is the scatter. If we say that it says FREE GAMES, you can probably work out how it could help you during the game.

Ways to win replace paylines

And with the diamond-shaped reel set in play, that gives us a massive 720 potential ways to find wins on each spin.

Easy wagers in this game

All way wins slot games require a single wager to play each spin. This covers all potential ways for prizes to appear. As this is an RTG game, you can expect to spot a reasonable range of wagers there too. Most players should find something they can work with.

How useful is the paytable?

Very useful, so don't miss it. You'll find all the symbols displayed there, along with their prize values and the various rules you can expect to find in the game.

Does Vegas Lux have a bonus feature?

No, we don't get anything along these lines, but there is something else…

Free spins and plenty of them!

The question here is how many you can receive. That FREE GAMES scatter symbol is going to reveal the answer. You must find at least one scatter per reel to unlock the free games. If one scatter lands on each of the reels, you will get eight freebies. However, the potential lies in receiving two or more scatters per reel.

When this happens, you receive eight games for each combination of scatters. So, if one reel has two scatters on it, you'd get two sets of games. If a reel had three scatters on it, three sets would be given to you. And if you can find two or more reels with multiple scatters on them, there are lots of freebies available and ready to award to you. So… as we said, how many can you find?

RTP information is absent here

You may have expected this, as it is a common scenario where the RTG slots are concerned.

This one gets eight out of 10 from us

We always try to give a fair rating to each slot game we review. It would be difficult to go lower than 8/10 here, although we could have gone higher if they'd included a bonus round.

How much is the biggest prize worth?

This goes up to 1,320x your bet, with the best potential throughout the game clearly coming inside the free spin feature.

Are you going to play just for some demo action?

This is the ideal introduction to the game. However, it is also a reasonable way to spend the time if you do not intend to bet for real at any stage.

Will you play for real?

If you have found the demo at an RTG casino, you can easily move across to the real thing once you have made a deposit. Watch out for a welcome deal or regular bonus before you do that.

Mobile access for Vegas Lux

As a modern RTG slot game, it's simple enough to play it on Android or iOS if you would rather take that approach.